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FAQ for Online Entrance Examination

Common issues / concerns raised by aspirants and their replies

1. Is it mandatory to use a Laptop / PC or can we use a mobile phone ?
No Laptop / PC is not mandatory. Candidates can take the test using any TWO devices. These can be ANY combination of the following
[a] Laptop / PC
[b] Android Mobile Phone / Tablets

So candidates can use TWO mobile phones also for taking the test. Alternatively they can use a combination of the above device.

2. Will my test get canceled if I accidentally click on some button ?
No, there is no such provision for the same. Candidates need not fear normal disconnections as long as they login within a reasonable time immediately.

3. Can I take the test from someplace other than my house ? I am planning to take the test from a relative's house as the network is not that great at my place.
Yes. The rules talk about taking the test from any separate place which might be convenient and have the required space / facilities required.

4. Will my test get canceled automatically if there is some person visible from my window ?
No. The AI is intelligent enough to judge the proximity of the second person. It will not shut the test due to trivial issues like the above. Also the test will have human invigilators appointed for reviewing the issues detected by the AI to ensure fairness in the test.

5. I do not have a device of my own. Can I use a rented device for the test ? Will it require a lot of prior preparation ?
Yes, you can use a rented device for taking the test. As explained above the test can be taken using two android mobile phones OR a laptop/PC with an android mobile phone. You may also use an android tablet in combination with another device.

6. Is there an app to be installed ?
Android devices used to provide rear views of the candidate will need to have the app installed. The main device from which the test will be taken need not have any app installed other than the latest Google Chrome Browser.

7. Can candidates use rough paper during the exam?
Yes but before using they have to show the same to the invigilator.

8. What are the things required of me to take the CAT exam online?
Candidates are requested to keep the following things handy for taking the CAT - Examination. [a] A4 Sized Blank White Sheets 4-5
[b] Pencil
[c] Eraser
[d] Colours - Pencil colours or Poster Colours - No other colour medium is permitted. Pencil colours is preferred.
Candidates need to take note that for the CAT examination you will be required to see the questions and then draw / write your response on the A4 White sheets. Subsequently you will have to upload the same by following the step-by-step process suggested on your screen / student guide.

9. Can I use a calculator during the online examination?
Use of calculators in any form is not permitted during the online examination.

10. Do I need to upload single file or multiple file for every question?
No, you have to upload single pdf file for all questions for CAT Examination.